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TaylorMade SLDR Driver

TaylorMade SLDR Driver

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Brand: TaylorMade
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Product Details:

TaylorMade SLDR Driver

Low, low spin.  More forgiving than 430cc model.  #LoftUp is a necessity, as is fitting.  A game changer for high spin players.

Golfers, you sure know how to hurt a guy’s feelings.  As a club fitter, I’ve spent years telling you to play more loft and you’ve ignored me, but TaylorMade makes #LoftUp a hashtag and suddenly you’re all buying 12 degree drivers.  That’s fine, I see how it is.

TaylorMade SLDR Driver Specs

The TaylorMade SLDR 460cc Driver features a weight bar near the front of the sole that allows players to "slide" weight towards either the heel or the toe of the golf club, creating a draw or fade bias depending on which of the slots the weight is set in. For ultimate versatility the SLDR incorporates multiple weight positions between “draw” and “fade” for precise tuning. Furthermore; the 12-position hosel allows for adjustments in loft up to 1.5° for best possible trajectory and distance.

TaylorMade SLDR 460 Driver Features:

Easy and intuitive SLDR sliding weight promotes up to 30 yards of shot shape adjustment
21 SLDR weight positions to dial in the desired shot shape
Increase or reduce the loft up to 1.5° with 12-position loft-sleeve for optimal trajectory
Low-forward center of gravity promotes high launch, fast ball speed and low spin for phenomenal distance
Stunning modern-classic shape with charcoal gray crown and subtle crown markings for easy clubface alignment
Includes headcover and wrench

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to the SLDR 460.  Let’s start with the namesake feature, the sliding weight.  TaylorMade was the first manufacturer to really popularize moveable weight technology (MWT) with their R7 line.  The problem with that version of the technology (also seen in the R9, R11, and R1 lines) was that you had all those little weights to deal with.  Removable weights are great for the .001% who used it to adjust swing weight, but for most golfers, changing the weights was nothing more than a juggling exercise.  With the SLDR, the weight is fixed and simply slides towards the toe to make the ball go right and towards the heel to make it go left.  Simple and intuitive.  The best part?  It works.  I’m not a robot and I don’t claim to have a perfectly repeatable swing, but in my launch monitor testing I did see a difference in the shape of my shots when I moved the weight from one side to the other.

TaylorMade SLDR Driver

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