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TaylorMade SLDR Hybrid

TaylorMade SLDR Hybrid

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Brand: TaylorMade
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TaylorMade SLDR Hybrid

Loaded with technology.  Extremely consistent.  Very solid stock shaft.  Unless you want to reconfigure your entire bag, you will need to #LoftUp – these hybrids are long.
TaylorMade SLDR Hybrid Specs

The Speed Pocket in the SLDR Rescue combines with a low and forward center of gravity (CG) and more loft, giving golfers more distance with every shot approaching the green. A shallow clubface increases playability from and the way the Speed Pocket flexes generates the perfect amount of distance necessary. The TaylorMade Men's SLDR Rescue has twelve loft settings, so any player with any shot-type can experience improved overall performance.

The SLDR Rescue is more than a pretty face – it’s a great performer as well.  The first thing I noticed during testing was the consistency.  Every well struck shot went the same distance and had the same shape.  I think this is directly attributable to the low, forward CG.  With the CG being so low, even shots that are a little thin get up in the air and carry without ballooning.  I think the Speed Pocket also plays in a role in the consistent ball speeds.

I was also very impressed with the stock shaft offering.  Most stock shafts are aimed at the middle of the market (as they should be), so they’re fairly soft-to-flex with high torque.  While it’s not a telephone pole by any stretch, this version of the Fujikura Speeder has more of the feel of a high end, better player’s shaft.

The one caveat I would offer to golfers looking to pick up the SLDR Rescue is that you should NOT buy the same loft that you have on your current hybrid.  The SLDR Rescue is likely to be longer (much longer) than your current hybrid, so buying the same loft will make a mess of your distance gaps.  For me, the 18.5° SLDR Rescue went as far as the 17° hybrid I currently carry, which is only a couple years old.  I know most people don’t think about getting fit for a hybrid, but, particularly with the SLDR Rescue, you should.


Cut-Thru Speed Pocket flexes, promoting increased golf ball distance
Speed Pocket pushes CG further forward for more speed and lower spin, generating more distance
Shallow clubface increases playability to get the ball to the green
Loft-sleeve technology allows players +/- 1.5° of loft adjustment for customization
12 loft settings cater to players' swing-type for improved overall performance

TaylorMade SLDR Hybrid

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