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Titleist 716 AP1 Irons

Titleist 716 AP1 Irons

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Brand: Titleist
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Product Details:

Titleist 716 AP1 Irons

The Titleist 716 AP1 irons are a forgiving high-end game improvement club that carries on the traditions of previous generations of AP1s.

The Titleist AP1 is highly coveted by golf fanatics that are willing to make a serious investment into their golf game but need a little more forgiveness.  The new 716 AP1 is a perfectly fine game improvement iron, but a very small upgrade from the previous version.  While there are a few subtle changes, the general delivery of the 716 AP1 is a carryover from previous generations.

Titleist 716 AP1 Irons Specs

The new 716 AP1 and AP2 irons are the latest to work within that equation. The AP1’s 360-degree undercut and the use of a specially heat treated 17-4 steel increase the face area that is directly unsupported. The face is a constant thickness of around 2.4 millimeters to make it more consistently flexible.

Titleist claims to have created increased forgiveness in the 716 AP1 by adding tungsten weighting to the perimeter of the club head.  Now, agreed, the 716 AP1 is an extremely forgiving game improvement iron.  You won’t receive any argument from me there.  However, I also think the previous versions of the AP1 were just as forgiving.  If you have the money burning the hole in your pocket, and you want to upgrade your 714 AP1 to get better performance, will the 716’s give you that benefit?  I don’t really think so.  They do the same thing they have done for years, and they do it well, but there really isn’t a new benefit to the 716 AP1s.

Titleist 716 AP1 Irons

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Are these in stock again?
Reply: Sorry, they are not available in stock by the moment.
Which all clubs are included in this set ?
Reply: Sorry, we now only have AP2 716 Irons in stock.
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