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Titleist 716 MB Irons

Titleist 716 MB Irons

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Brand: Titleist
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Titleist 716 MB Irons

The Titleist 716 MB irons are a simple and clean blade for the better players looking for traditional irons.
Titleist 716 MB Irons Specs

The iron line includes two other traditional forged heads, the 716 MB and CB. Like the AP2, the latter includes tungsten co-forged low in the body to produce extra ballspeed through better CG alignment. The MB uses the template created by the popular Forged 680 Series irons, preferred by Titleist staff players Adam Scott and Webb Simpson. It features a squarer toe and a higher muscleback weight shaping in back.

Predictability and playability are two key traits better players look for in their irons.  The Titleist 716 MB irons are fairly boring when it comes to performance, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  If you’re playing a forged blade like the MB’s, you’re likely looking for an iron you can work both directions and hit different trajectories with.  These irons, while not forgiving, are very playable and will be good in the hands of the better players.  All in all, the 716 MB is a pretty straightforward golf club with predictable and consistent results.

Titleist 716 MB Irons

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